Residential Carpet Cleaning

Do you have mess makers? Do you have pets, kids, or a spouse? If you do then they have probably left your carpets with some unidentifiable spots. Accidents Happen! It is time to have your carpet professionally cleaned.

You can trust the staff of Tru-Klean Carpet & Upholstery Care to listen, understand, and help. We have the answers, training, and experience to provide you with honest, reliable and trustworthy professional carpet cleaning service.

Your carpet will be pre-treated so that dirt, oils, spots, and spills will begin lifting and breaking up before extraction. Spots, stains, and traffic lanes will be specially treated and pre-scrubbed. The hot water extraction will remove the dirt, oil, spots, spills, and stains, leaving your carpet fresh, clean and healthy.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The staff of Tru-Klean Carpet & Upholstery Care understands just how important it is to have a clean and healthy environment for your customers and your personnel. That's why we have put together the very best equipment, personnel, and techniques to provide you with clean, fresh and healthy carpet providing an all around healthier indoor environment. We offer free estimates and on site demonstrations, which provide you with and exact quotation of the total cleaning cost and the opportunity to see first hand how clean, fresh, and like new your carpet can be.

We are Bay Area Chamber of Commerce members and we would love to have the opportunity to serve you in all of your carpet cleaning needs. Your time and consideration are very important to us, and we are here to make your job a little easier. Our commitment to our clients is to deliver professional carpet cleaning with the highest value and the absolute best quality with professionalism and satisfaction, building trust, confidence, and lasting relationships.

We enjoy spending time building relationships with other local businesses. We think it is very important for all  of us in business to form partnerships and work together for the good of our clients, for the growth of our businesses, and our community. We are in constant communication with other carpet cleaners, suppliers, and developers from around the country so we have a tremendous base for knowledge, education, and training within our field.

Carpet Protectant

After your carpet has been professionally cleaned it is important to apply carpet protectant. Carpet protectant will coat your carpet with a protective layer that seals each individual fiber reducing penetration and adhesion from liquids, dry soils, dyes, and oils. Carpet protectant extends the life of your carpet and makes routine maintenance easier.