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Fido and Fluffy may be your best friends and part of the family, but they sure can be unfriendly to the carpet and flooring in your home. Have you tried the do-it-yourself cleaning methods? Pet odor removal and stain removal can be a major problem for homeowner’s with furry friends. When left in the carpet too long, stains can be much harder to remove. In some cases, this can cause  a stain that will not come out completely, resulting in a discolored – and even smelly – carpet.

Pet Odor Removal Saginaw, Bay CIty, Midland
Pet Spot Removal Saginaw, Midland, Bay City

Pet Odor Problems are NO Problem for our Team of Experts

Your cat or dog decided to leave their mark on your carpet. What do you do? Do you try to clean it yourself? How do you know if your cleaning methods really worked? Is the urine smell completely gone? After a few days does the smell return?

Pet urine in your carpet is a serious problem. It penetrates fibers and contaminates the backing. Our unique cleaning process removes the yellow urine proteins that bond to carpet fibers and thoroughly cleans the urine soaked backing and pad. As long as the urine has not been sitting in your carpet for a long period of time, we can remove every trace of the spot, smell and stain on synthetic carpet.

Our trained technicians can help with…

  • Pet Odor Removal
  • Cat Odor Removal
  • Dog Urine and Odor Removal
  • Urine Stain Removal
  • Pet Stains
  • Pet Dander Cleaning
Cat Refuses to use the litter box

When you spot treat a stain on your own, you won’t be able to eradicate the pet urine that has sunk into the carpet backing and flooring below. As many pet owners know, pets tend repeatedly urinate in the same places because they smell the existing odor. This can cause a lot of damage! Therefore, the best way to completely eliminate pet urine and odor from your carpet and upholstery is to go with a professional.

Our pet urine and odor removal carpet cleaning service uses commercial cleaning products that aren’t available in stores and utilizes the latest science and technology to eradicate odors and stains. We can apply enzyme treatments and use special extraction tools to remove pet odor from your carpet so that your home looks and smells fresh and clean again.

In most cases, we can give complete pet odor removal and stain removal to our customers. However, that is not always the case if the problem has gone on too long, the urine may have gotten into the tack strip around the edges and into the sub floor. Odors in the sub floor and tack strip are much harder to remove. At this point, we suggest talking with our technician to discuss what other pet odor removal options are available.

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