Cat Refusing To Use The Litter Box

Getting to the Bottom of it:

Cat Re3fuses to use the litter boxIf you have been to the vet and confirmed that there are no medical reasons for your cat refusing to use the litter box. Then here are some of the most common reasons your cat may be refusing to use its litter box.

Not Enough Litter Boxes:

You should have one more litter box than the number of cats. For example two cats = three litter boxes.

Litter Box Location:

If possible, provide a litter box on each floor of your home. The litter box should not be in the same room as their food, or at least five feet away from their food. Also, be conscious of the noises around the litter box that may make the cat nervous. For example: noise furnaces, washer and dryers, e.t.c.

Litter Box Size Matters:

The litter box should have space for your cat to move around and dig. The ideal size would be larger than your cat is from nose to extended tail, and deep enough for them to dig and bury. With multiple cats you may even want to consider a kiddie pool. Look for a box with three sides 5 to 7 inches high.

Keep the Litter Box Top Open:

Most cats do not want to be closed in; they need to be able to move around. A closed top restricts their movement.

Fear of the Automatic Scooping Box:

Your cat may be afraid of the noise and movement of the automatic scooping litter box. There for refusing to use the litter box.

Keep the Litter Box Clean:

This is so important! The litter should be scooped at least once per day. If the box has a litter tray, the tray should be emptied at least once per week.

Cats are very quirky by nature, but they take their litter box very seriously. These are simple and effective steps to keeping your cat happy and healthy.


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